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Broken Spokes Moonshine


Nigerian Dwarf

DOB: September 27, 2012

Brown eyes


Chamoisee w/moonspots

Reg:  AGS & IDGR

        ADGA pending

Sire:  Prairie Wood TYF Milkshake

Dam:  Prairie Wood TYF Twilight Moon


$250 registered

$100 without registration

Gentle, easy to handle, not mean or aggressive during breeding or when with does.  Only for sale as we kept daughters and are rotating bucks out and have purchased a new one

Diamond K5 Shot'O Moonshine


Nigerian Dwarf

DOB: April 26, 2019

Blue eyes

Chamoisee Pinto 

Reg:  AGS and IDGR

       ADGA pending

Sire: Broken Spokes Moonshine

Dam: 7B Farms Eclipse



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